Our meals are mainly fresh local seafood from Boso Offshore. Our chef proudly offers Seafood Kaiseki meals of elegant presentations. Enjoy the blessings from the ocean.



We are blessed to have “Shirosaki’s Pure Natural Hot Spring Water” from Amatsu Kominato Hot Spring on our hotel property. We welcome you with the natural hot springs and magnificent scenery of the ocean. Our true hot springs will relax and refresh your body and soul.
Our hot spring water leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.
You will see a panoramic view of the Shirosaki Ocean from a Large Public Bath. There is a special lounge for you as well. Enjoy your time.


HOTEL NAKAYA of “Shirosaki’s Water from Amatsu Kominato Hot Spring: Ryokan certified by the government, located in Minami Boso National Park.
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