Enjoy delicious cuisine form the sea and mountains of south Boso Peninsula

Nakaya’s dishes are mainly fresh local seafood caught off the coast of Boso Peninsula. The Kaiseki style cuisine is carefully selected and prepared by our chef.

We value a first impression of Boso Peninsula. Please thoroughly enjoy our delicious and beautiful fruits of the sea.

Guidance of cuisine

Small appetizer - Marinated local fish
Appetizer - Assorted sashimi (raw fish) - Turban shell, tuna, sea bream
Grilled abalone
Head of sea bream simmered with vegetables
A savory steamed egg custard
Lobster sashimi (whole fish)
One-pot dish cooked at the table – fresh alfonsino simmered with delicious soup together with various vegetables
Miso soup, pickles, rice
Seasonal fruits

※This is an example menu.


※Menu will be subject to change.
※During New Year holiday season, special menu will be served.