Spend the precious time in the hot springs of the source of Shirosaki

Amatsu-kominato hot springs, the blessing water source of Shirosaki is gashing on site.
Deserving of the name "hot springs of the sea", natural hot springs overlooking the beautiful sea welcome our guests. It is a genuine hot spring which will heal your mind and body from the core.

The hot water is very soft and good for beauty and the large communal baths have magnificent sea view of Shirosaki Beach.

【Hours】2:00pm ~ 01:00am / 5:00am -10:00am

Open-air hot springs are available for hotel guests only.

“Shirisaki Water” of Amatsu Kominato Hot Spring is certified as a natural hot spring (with therapeutic properties by the Japan Hot Spring Association)

Spring quality sodium chloride, sulfate, Hydrogen carbonate spring, cold mineral spring (hypotonic, alkaline) ph8.7
Utility Neuralgia, sore muscles, arthritis, frozen shoulder, motor palsy, joint stiffness, bruise, sprain, chronic digestive organs disorder, poor circulation, recovering from delivery, recovery from exhaustion, health enhancement, cut, burn, chronic skin disease, children with weak constitution, chronic gynecopathy etc.